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21 Day Sugar Detox Diet Review

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If you want to know the absolute fastest way to drop those unwanted pounds increase your energy, you need to remove sugar from your diet. The secret that diabetics know is that when your blood sugar isn’t right it can cause a host of symptoms such as depression. It also forces your body to store sugar as fat, which is what is causing your weight gain. Your body into going through highs and lows in energy levels.

There are three simple steps to follow on the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet. They are as follows:

1. Follow a diet that will remove all sugar and simple carbohydrates for 21 days.

2. Remove the from the list below, eating only foods on the good list for 21 days in a row.

3. When you slip up and eat something that is on the avoid list, then you have to start over from day one again.

These three rules are quite simple. But of course, it isn’t always so easy.

What you may notice at first is that you will have intense cravings for sugar. Once you are a few days into this detox, these strong cravings should diminish. For someone such as myself who loves sweets, I didn’t believe it was possible, but I’m proof that it is true. Once you get past 3 to 4 days on this detox it gets a lot easier. And the truth is the longer you are off of sugar, the less you’ll crave it.

Also, you should know that once you are done you will be able to enjoy fruit or bread again. This 21 days is a temporary cleanse to reset your system. You should notice or cravings go down any energy will go way up. Most folks following this detox also report a fantastic difference in how their skin appears.

The reality is, eating fat isn’t what’s making you fat. It is the sugar that is stored in the fat and in certain carbohydrates that is causing your weight problem. Sugar is the number one problem with obesity today. Pick up any food item in a regular grocery store, turn it over and looked at the ingredients and notice just how much sugar is in every item. It’s disgusting.

Statistics show that the large majority of Americans consume up to 3 pounds of sugar each week. I find that incredibly sad. But it really isn’t your fault. The large food manufacturing companies are doing you any favors. So much processed food. So much food that is bad for your health on the store shelves.

Most diabetics understand that having increased blood insulin levels makes you retain weight. Insulin causes you to store fat, so when you eat foods that contain a lot of sugar, you naturally get fat.

But the good news is, you can restore your blood insulin levels to normal, and get rid of that unhealthy craving for sugar. It isn’t always easy, but the more sugar you cut out of your diet, the less and less you’ll crave it. Just like nicotine, sugar in your system wants you to put more sugar in your system. As Americans we don’t think of sugar as something we can be addicted to, but we are. This is why this method of going cold turkey off of sugar is the best and fastest way to shock your system back to normal.

A number of studies have shown us that it can actually be more difficult to stop using sugar than cocaine. How crazy is that?

Also, you need to understand that when I am discussing sugar I’m talking about all types of sugar, not just the normal white table sugar. There can be excess sugar in bread, fruits, tortillas, baked goods, etc. The sugars found in these foods are essentially treated by your body the same as white table sugar.

When on this detox, you really want to try to focus on upping your intake of protein. You will also need to watch your fiber as well.

The 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet Works, if you stick to it. My results on the diet made me realize just how much sugar I have been putting in my body unknowingly. So educate yourself, stick to the 21 days of no sugar, and you too can enjoy better energy and fast weight loss. It has a 60 day money back guarantee.